Troubleshooting Your Homes Water Supply

No matter where your homes water comes from, a well, a spring, or the city, problems can exist.  Individual water quality issues are fixed with distinct water treatment solutions. It is our job to help determine what solution will work best in treating and eliminating your homes water issue.  From hardness to foul smells, we have a solution to bring you high quality water throughout your home.  There are several issues that are commonly found in water throughout Michigan homes.

Common issues with your waters quality:

  • Hardness
  • Foul Odors and Taste
  • Mineral Buildup
  • Acidic
  • Arsenic

Hard Water:

Most often homeowners don’t know that they have hard water.  What they do know is that there are spots on their glassware, laundry appears dingy, increased usage of soap, change in the texture of hair and skin, increased energy costs, and scale build up on faucets and such.  Homes affected by a hard water supply have plumbing that tends to age quicker than those who seek to soften the water.  The most common way to treat hard water in your homes water supply is with the installation of a high-quality water softener.

Foul Odors and Taste:

Foul odors and strange tasting water is something extremely noticeable to homeowners.  Water can taste unpleasant metallic, chlorine, or can smell awful like rotten eggs, when this occurs one of the most common treatment options that is suggested is using an activated carbon filtration system.  Backwashing carbon filtration systems are a combination of a large filter filled with activated carbon media.  This removes foul tastes and odors from your whole house water supply leaving you with high quality water throughout the home.

Mineral Buildup:

Homeowners may not notice that they have an accumulation of minerals taking place within their water supply. The most common symptoms of a build up of iron and magnesium include unpleasant metal taste, staining, reddish tinted water, odors, and rust particles in the water. The treatment for a mineral buildup is the installation and usage of an iron filter system.


When the porcelain surfaces start to turn from white and ivory to green and blue green there is an issue with acidic water, low ph within the water.  What this means is that your water supply has acid in it which is causing a corrosion of your pipes and plumbing fixtures.  The fix for the issue of acidic water is with an acid neutralizer using Calcite.


Arsenic is an element found naturally within ground water.  Arsenic within your homes water supply can cause adverse health effects even in low concentrations as it is a carcinogen at high concentrations.  In order to remove arsenic from your water supply homeowners should install an arsenic reduction system.

All water supplies need to be treated on an individual basis as symptoms can also be masked by other occurrences within the water supply.  Free water analysis is done to diagnosis the issues that are found within your homes water to ensure that the treatment options is specific for your water needs.

At Reynolds Water Conditioning Company, we are here to help make sure our clients don’t buy water treatment systems that they don’t need.  We are here to make sure you find a water softening system that gives you the results you are looking for, whether it is to remove iron or odor from you water; we have a solution that will help!  For more information contact our experts at 800.572.9575 or at our website