Get Ready for the Holidays with Exceptional Water Quality

Have you recently woken up and found that your shower faucet is making strange noises? Or maybe your sink is spewing brownish, grey material? When is the last time your water system was replaced? Now may be the time!

Beat the rush of holiday happenings! With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, now is the time to get your house in order before the houseguests arrive. Reynolds Water Conditioning Company has been providing quality water treatment solutions, system repairs, and tune-ups for over 85 years. Let us help you improve your water quality.

Reynolds’s Soft Stream High-Efficiency Water Softener is a great system in being an efficient iron removal softener with many unique features. It is fully automatic and programmable for any water quality and has no wearing parts in water to assure a long, dependable life as well as a non-prorated 10-year guarantee. After installation and setup, the SoftStream HE softener will alert you when you’re running low on salt/potassium chloride in the storage tank. Another benefit is the self-programming microprocessor that can help you monitor your water intake and help you save money. The Reynolds SoftStream HE Water system automatically monitors how much water you use each day over a period of four weeks and averages it out. For example, if you use more water on the weekends and on “laundry day”, the waterflow will be maximized while pressure loss minimized. It’s an easy way to be environmentally conscious and lower your water costs for your home or business.

Reynolds Water Conditioning Co. provides exceptional water solutions you so desire. Check out their website to view all the products and services they offer. 

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