Switching Drinking Water to Cans?

When walking through the stores these days, it is common to see many beverages are now offering their items in cans such as seltzer, beer, and wines. The idea of water being introduced in can form is on the horizon as well. PepsiCo, one of the largest beverage companies, is taking on this challenge of canned water and states this new revelation is meant to improve the environment. Studies have shown, only 9 percent of all plastics manufactured have been recycled and end up in landfills or in our oceans, whereas about 67 percent of aluminum bought are recycled.  The Aquafina brand made by Pepsi will be introduced early next year to test market the product. More details on this new step for water in the future can be read in this article. Many consumers are shaking their heads no to this new idea however, slowly other products have made the change with great success. Time will only tell if this new can solution will be a winner for water as well.

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